Fractionation and laboratory stock – (123 m²): this unit has areas for fractionation, Pre-stock, pre-distribution, Cold Storage and support. Has the following basic equipment: automatic plasma extractor, sterile connection devices, cold rooms, freezers, readers for bar code, plasma extractors, storage rooms, platelet incubators, platelet agitators, sealers, coolers, water baths, refrigerated centrifuges, precision balance, among others.


lab_sorologiaSerology Laboratory – (90 m²): unit composed of support and laboratory area. Contacom basic seguintesequipamentos: readers microplates, microplate washers, microplate incubators, automatic pipettes, pipette, readers bar code, module architect processor, refrigerators, freezers, centrifuges, agitators, scanner optical readers, reagent storage chamber, among others .


imunohemnatoImmunohaematology laboratories
Donor – (60 m2) composed of unit areas and laboratory. Has the following basic equipment: freezer, refrigerator, magnetic stirrer, microplate shakers, centrifuges, incubators, pipettes, scanner optical readers, precision balance, pipettes, water baths, readers microplate, microplate washers, holding room, laminar flow hood, semi-automated device for routine blood donors, computers, column printer, among others.

Receiver – (17 m2) Unit consisting of centrifuges, freezers, storage rooms, pipes homogenizer, automatic cell counter, computer, scanner, label printer, bath and incubator, among others.


createCryobiology Laboratory I – (71 m²): unit composed of support areas, freezing of hematopoietic precursor cells and inventory (cord blood). It has the following equipments: sterile connection device, microcomputer, pipettes, storage chamber with embryo attachment freezer storage bags, storage system cryoplus, sealing dielectric manual hemoseal automatic sealing bench for blood bag, Chapel flow, automatic cell counter, chest freezer, ultra low temperature freezer (- 86ºC), high pressure cylinder capacity of 25Kg, a system for producing water type 1 CO2 incubator, phmeter inverted and optical microscopy, thermal hydrometer cryogenic container for transport, storage chamber, analytical balance, plasma extractor, universal sealing frezenius, system “bioarchive” storage, refrigerator centrifuge and low-speed, precision balance, among others.


crio2Cryobiology Laboratory II – (41 m²): laboratorial area unit. It has the following basic equipment: inverted microscopes, colorful displays, micro pipettor, precision pipettes, electrophoresis tank, vacuum pump, automated eletreforese system, refrigerator, biological safety hoods, centrifuges, incubators, printer, stabilizer, scanner colorful table, freezer, angle rotor, digital camcorder, duplex refrigerator, magnetic stirrer, automatic thermal cycler, phmetrer, incubator, biological shaker, advanced filtration system, refrigerator, computers and printers, among others.


controlQuality Control Laboratory –  (44 m²): laboratorial area unit. It has the following basic equipment: coagunômetro, precision pipettes, refrigerators, microscopes, pH meters, water baths, freezers, centrifuges, spectrophotometer, laminar flow hood, among others.



hlaLaboratory HLA – (22 m²): laboratorial area unit. It has the following equipments: thermocycler, flow cytometry platform, feed pump, microscope, water bath, centrifuge, pipettes, camera, electrophoresis unit, scale, pipe stirrer freezer refrigerators, biosafety, incubator, electrophoresis system, computer with printer.


culturacelCell Culture Laboratory – (68 m²): composed of unit area and laboratory culture. It has the following equipments: a binocular optical microscope, CO2 cylinder, precision pipettes, upright freezer (-86 °), inverted microscope with phase contrast shaker tube, incubator, water bath, chilled centrifuge system semi-automatic photo-micrograph, liquid nitrogen tank, biological safety hood binocular biological microscope, pH meter, refrigerators, inverted microscope, analytical balance, water distiller, electrophoresis system, bar code readers, laminar flow hood, among others.


bioinformaticaMolecular Biology Laboratory – (94 m²): laboratorial area unit. It has the following key equipment: electrophoresis power supply, water distiller bath, video copy processor, Microplate homogenizer, pipettes, compressor cleaner, acquisition of microscopic imaging system transluminadora unit for detecting DNA fluorescence, laminar flow hood, incubator, centrifuges, duplex refrigerator, automatic thermal cyclers, samples hub freezer, spectrophotometer for nucleic acid components with speed Vac high capacity computers and printers, among others.


biologiamolLaboratory of Cellular Biology –  (67 m²): laboratorial area unit. It has the following basic equipment: refrigerators, system electrophoresis, printers, pipettes, vats, spectrophotometer, cellmax pump station, scintillation counter and microplates, freezers, centrifuges, microscope, water bath, exhaust hood, computers and printers, among others .



I quoteFlow Cytometry Laboratory – (47 m²): laboratorial area unit. Has the following basic equipment: flow cytometer, pipettes, refrigerators, vacuum pump, facstation Power Macintosh system, facsorting interface, pipettes, centrifuges, computers, printers, among others.



genMolecular Genetics Laboratory – (47 m²): laboratorial area unit. It has the following equipments: multimedia projector, automated thermocycler freezer chamber for PCR, pipettes, refrigerators, horizontal electrophoresis system, a water bath, microcentrifuge, magnetic stirrer, sequencer plate sealers, bacteriological culture greenhouse genetic analyzer DNA, mults machine mini protean, micro plates system, ultrasonic cleaner, gel charger, incubator, automatic sequencer, laminar flow hood, HP Scanjet scanner, micropipettes, digital thermo mixer, personal computers, notebooks and printers, among others.


biotecBioinformatics Laboratory –  (25 sqm): consists computing unit area. It has the basic equipments: personal computers with color monitors, scanner’s table, printers and multimedia projector, among others.



Laboratory Research and Studies – (34 m²): unit composed of informatics search area. It has the basic equipments: computers, printers, among others.