Theses and Dissertations

Name Supervisor Date Title
André Tomaz Terra Junior Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Borges dos Reis 22/09/14 “Evaluation of mitochondrial DNA in patients with penile tumors”
Mirella Baroni Prof. Dr. Carlos Alberto Scrideli 04/11/14 Muting GDF15 gene and response to the treatment with radiotherapy and temozolomide for glioblastoma cell lines”
Fabianna Pansani Prof. Dr. Fernanda Maris Peria 30/01/15 Immunohistochemical expression of Chk2 and association with clinicopathologic features and outcome in patients with metastatic colon cancer”
Liziane Raquel Beckenkamp Prof. Dr. Dimas Tadeu Covas 26/03/15 Characterization of mesenchymal stromal cells from adipose tissue selected from cell surface marker CD271 differential expression”
Daianne Maciely Alves de Carvalho Prof. Dr. Virgínia Picanço e Castro 25/05/15 Production of recombinant FVIII with mutations in the field A1 and A2 in order to increase secretion in human cell line HEK293 
Thais Valéria Costa de Andrade Pimentel Prof. Dr. Dimas Tadeu Covas 16/10/15 Influence of pro-angiogenic growth factors in the maintenance of stem cell characteristics mesenchymal derived from adipose tissue”
Juliana Bernardes Elias Dias Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Tocantins Calado 11/11/15 Telomere length of leukocytes in peripheral blood and bone marrow donor transplantation for severe aplastic anemia receptors: association with clinical outcome following transplantation”
José Maurício Segundo Correia Mota Prof. Dr. Eduardo Magalhães Rego 30/11/15 Tumor progression B16 melanoma in mice surviving sepsis.The possible role of tumor associated macrophages through via CXCR4 / CXCL12″
Fernanda Borges da Silva Prof. Dr. Fabíola Traina 01/11/16 Using Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Array (SNP-A) in the investigation of cytogenetic abnormalities in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes”
Nayara Rezende Prof. Dr. Harley Francisco de Oliveira 18/11/16 In vitro evaluation of cisplatin liposomes and conveyed in nanostructured associated chloro aluminum phthalocyanine employing laser and ionizing radiation”
Felipe Canto de Souza Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Alexandre Panepucci 24/11/16 nvolvement of Aurora kinases and DIDO in chromosomal instability in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia”
Lucas Ferioli Catelli Prof. Dr. Simone Kashima Haddad 28/11/16 Pluripotent stem cells Generation of Induced (hiPSCs) from individuals with somatic cell phenotype of interest for blood transfusions””
Gustavo Borges Prof. Dr. Rodrigo do Tocantins Calado de Saloma Rodrigues 16/12/16 Mutations in the GATA2 gene in patients with bone marrow failure syndromes”
Juliana Poltronieri de Oliveira Prof. Dr. Eduardo Magalhães Rego 03/03/17 Functional analysis of KMT2E protein in acute myeloid leukemia”