Theses and Dissertations

Name Supervisor Date Title
Barbara de Jesus Simões Prof. Dr. Edson Zangiacomi Martinez 23/04/15 “Software Validation Protocol for blood therapy services”
Bruno Vieira Dias Prof. Dr. Gil de Santis 22/06/15 “Medical care Impact of patients referred for outpatient transfusion in Florianopolis”
Carola Catalina Hurtado Navarro Prof. Dr. Ivan de Lucena Angulo 29/04/15 “Transfusion safety: study of the subjective disposition in the Blood Bank Coordinator of Rondonia in the years 2008 to 2012”
Divine Jose Otaviano Prof. Dr. Kelen Cristina Ribeiro de Farias Malmegrim 07/05/15 “Serological evaluation for infectious diseases transmitted by transfusion of blood recipients from Palmas Hospital – TO”
Everaldo José Schörner Prof. Dr. Gil de Santis 27/04/15 “Guide for national blood bank deployment with rare phenotypes: a proposal for the Brazilian public blood”
Giselle Bissari Barban Evangelista Prof. Dr. Simone Kashima Haddad 06/04/15 “Technical Manual for the production and use of internal quality control in nucleic acid amplification testing (NAT-CQI)”
Helder Teixeira Melo Prof. Dr. Dimas Tadeu Covas 23/04/15 “Mapping the legal system of the national blood policy and technical regulations in the area of ​​blood and derivatives”
Iraildes Alves de Moura Gomes Prof. Dr. Ivan de Lucena Angulo 30/04/15 “Implementation of a unit of prevention and treatment for sickle leg ulcer in a hematology center: a proposal for nursing care”
Janet Lourdes Cattani Baldissera Prof. Dr. Karen Lima Silver 28/04/15 “Evaluation of different methods of achieving the clonogenic assay and validation of the cryopreservation method and resuspending the umbilical cord blood and placental cryopreserved”
Liliane Jacques Wendling Prof. Dr. Gil de Santis 30/04/15 “Proposal for implementation of quarantine plasma program in public blood of Santa Catarina”
Marcia Maria Bruno Araújo Prof. Dr. Karen Lima Silva 29/04/15 “Systematic service transfusion to neonates aimed at reducing transfusion risks”
Maria Bernadette Peter Prof. Dr. Gil de Santis 06/05/15 “Analysis of the requests and disposal of blood products for the operating room of the Public General Hospital of Palmas – TO Dr. Francisco Ayres”
Eny Maria Vargas Queiroz Prof. Dr. Belinda Pinto Simoes 01/07/15 “Study for the professional training – analysis of non-compliance of the blood components to requests Hematology Services in the State of Rio de Janeiro”
Marta Aparecida Barbosa Chagas Profa. Dr. Simone Kashima Haddad 24/04/15 “Standardization and implementation of red cell preservation methods to assist in the identification of anti-red cell antibodies”
Sonia Mara Nunes da Silva Prof. Dr. Edson Zangiacomi Martinez 28/04/15 “Distribution of serological markers of blood donors Hemominas Foundation in mesoregions of Minas Gerais”
Tatiana Caetano Ramos Prof. Dr. Ivan de Lucena Angulo 01/07/15 “Project for nursing performance in the Hematology Department of the Municipal Hospital of Mercy”
Teresinha Guerreiro Cervi Angstmam Prof. Dr. Edson Zangiacomi Martinez 15/12/14 “Physiological and emotional response to colored light”
Naiara Cristina Pulzi Saito Vedoveli Prof. Dr. Virgínia Picanço e Castro 16/05/2016 “Construction and functional analysis of lentiviral vectors of biotechnological interest”
Vanessa Tieko Marques dos Santos Prof. Dr. Kamilla Swiech Antonietto 02/12/2015 “Development methodology for human AB serum supplement production culture medium for the cultivation of mesenchymal cells”